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OHC-Vascular is a collaborative project with One Heart Care and was started with the intention of providing streamlined access to dedicated vascular imaging and specialist care to the communities it serves in Mississauga and West Toronto. We aim to streamline the process of obtaining high quality vascular imaging and access to specialist consultation without unnecessary duplication of tests or undue delay to simplify the process for both referring practitioners and patients.


Vascular Doppler Ultrasound Testing

OHC-Vascular specializes in providing high quality, non-invasive vascular ultrasound testing. The facility uses only state-of-the-art ultrasound equipment, and our technologists are experts in vascular ultrasound. The facility only performs vascular testing, ensuring patients receive expert care whether they are referred for complex post-operative imaging or asymptomatic screening.

Vascular Surgery Consultation

OHC-Vascular is staffed daily by a vascular surgeon who is in active clinical practice at Trillium Health Partners. This ensures that patients with urgent clinical concerns or critical results can be quickly assessed without a delay in accessing treatment. The Division of Vascular Surgery at Trillium offers the full spectrum of open and endovascular treatment for arterial and venous pathology.

Doctor and Patient

1000 Middlegate Road, Suite 104, Mississauga, Ontario, Canada    


1 888 744-1262

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